25 June 2021

We have developed another new patent!

The SILBO company has just received formal confirmation for the invention developed by our team. The patented reinforced handle for food packaging, mainly fruit and vegetables, is much more durable, thus reliable.

Our proprietary solution has already been appreciated by our customers, for whom a strong packaging with a high load-bearing capacity handle is essential.

Packaging design is a multifaceted process. We always try to consider various significant factors that affect the convenience and usability of our products. We pay attention, among other things, to the appropriate balance of the weight of the material used. We carefully consider the weight of the products that will be placed in a given package and analyse barrier parameters and the requirements of adequate ventilation. At the same time, we minimise the use of primary raw materials as much as possible, because this is our mission.

The handle with a special reinforcement is a response to the needs of both retail chains and the end customer. Due to our patent, bag-shaped packaging has become not just handy, but also durable. If someone, while shopping, has ever complained about a broken handle in the packaging of e.g. fresh vegetables, this is the problem we have just solved.

This is what our work is geared for: making life better, both in the everyday dimension of grocery shopping, and in a deeper sense - protecting the precious resources of our planet.