13 January 2022

Interview at the beginning of 2022

The year 2022 at SILBO is the culmination of work on a kind of digital revolution...

What drove SILBO in the past 2021?

The most significant this year for us was the above-average interest in the paper. Customers see paper as an escape from plastic in packaging. They expect solutions that are fully recyclable and completely plastic-free. Plastic is being condemned more and more, but customers do not yet understand what alternatives we have. Organic raw materials, categorized as bioplastic, are also rejected. On the one hand, the reason is the lack of appropriate knowledge, on the other - confusing nomenclature. A raw material made, for example, from starch, is formally referred to as bioplastic. For the recipient, it is still plastic, so he does not accept it. Paper turned out to be the solution.

Has it been a good year?

It was a year full of uncertainty. It required adapting to the changing preferences of consumers and flexible response to changes taking place on the market. Uncertainty is also caused by global economic conditions: rising prices of raw materials, extended delivery times. On the one hand, it required our resourcefulness, and on the other hand, it gave us a great lesson. It strengthened SILBO, because it increased our creativity. We reacted on time. We are entering the new year with hope and courage.

What direction does SILBO cover in 2022?

in 2021, our compostable packaging was introduced to the USA and it was revolutionary in a way. The process is not finished yet, we are still working on it. Nevertheless, the premiere of SILBO compostable packaging in the USA has already taken place. Last year was a strong cooperation with the German market, where our compostable packaging is in demand. We also supplied the German market with paper packaging, fully recyclable for frozen meals. These are packaging with full barrier to fats, moisture and aromas. However, 2021 is for us to the greatest extent the strengthening of relations with French customers and a great development on their market. Our plans are very advanced here. French customers are very interested in our "Mr Paper" packaging for fresh vegetables and fruits. In France, the legislation on the management of packaging waste is very strict, and we are perfectly able to meet these requirements.

Which varieties are really exciting you at the moment?

We are consistent in our mission. We will provide the most ecological packaging. Compostable. We will continue to make efforts to educate consumers and convince customers to compostable solutions in packaging. This is how we see the future. We also understand the great interest in paper packaging and we are experts in this area. We have listened carefully to some of our customers who want to completely eliminate plastic in their packaging. Thanks to this awareness, we designed and introduced to the market Mr Paper packaging with a linen mesh. We replace the meshes (that contain microplastics) available on the market with a completely plastic-free and exceptionally ecological product. Imagine: Strong paper packaging, fully recyclable, with water-based printing, even with water-based glue, plus breathable linen mesh. Nobody has done this before. It was worth every effort at SILBO.

The COVID pandemic continues. How does this affect the operations of SILBO?

We have great respect for the pandemic situation. Nevertheless, we recognized it as the conditions to which we must adapt to our request. We never wanted a pandemic to be an excuse. Superficially, the market quieted down because we didn't meet our customers at fairs and similar events. But we were actually doing our part. Only with more patience.

Has the packaging market changed as a result of the pandemic?

Well, luckily for us, the packaging market has not lost much due to the pandemic. Of course, the global effects of the generally understood economic crisis have an impact on us. However, please remember that packaging is a protection for food products. It's a antimicrobial barrier. This packaging feature has grown in importance in the pandemic. As a result, the demand for packaging is not reduced.

Has SILBO been affected by problems with global supply chains?

Due to the great interest in paper, we feel some difficulties in the area of ​​raw material supply. However, we feel secured. For years we have been developing reliable relationships with our partners, raw material producers and now we have benefits from it. We can deliver packaging to customers on time. They trust us.

What is the nearest future for SILBO?

The year 2022 at SILBO is the culmination of work on a kind of digital revolution, which we have been working for almost two years. We want to provide our customers with an innovative implement to manage packaging in the context of effective environmental protection. This solution is a response to the legal directive that is about to enter into force on extended producer responsibility. This solution is a response to the legal directive on extended producer responsibility that is coming into force. It is a consistent development towards environmental neutrality in our production. For 5 years, at SILBO, we have been emitting only trace amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere, now it is time to drastically reduce water consumption in the process, renewable electricity sources and our own post-production waste composting plant. We will share all of this with our clients in 2022.