20 May 2021

SILBO’s quality appreciated by experts - awarded certificates

At SILBO, quality and environmental issues are of paramount importance. This approach guides us at the stage of manufacturing products and developing a production strategy. The result of our hard and systematic work is the recognition of experts and the branch certificates awarded to us. What kind of certificates in particular?


SILBO as a synonym for quality

Our product class is appreciated by specialists not only from Polish, but also from foreign certification centres. This is reflected by the distinction awarded by the Global Standard for Packaging Materials BRCGS in the following categories "Paper production and processing", "Flexible plastics production", "Printing".


It is a confirmation of global standards in the production of food packaging. The certificate verifies that the packaging created at SILBO is safe for health, produced legally and in line with the principles of sustainable development. The customer receives a world-class product.

Another distinction is the BPI Compostable certificate, which we received in the group of laminated food packaging with overprint. This certification signifies that a product bearing it is compostable (industrial) and recognised in the United States.


SILBO as a promoter of ecological production

At SILBO, we create biodegradable packaging that fits in with the principles of environmental care. Therefore, we are proud to have received the FSC Chain of Custody certification from the NEPCon certifying body. It is an organisation that appreciates "green" manufacturing solutions, mainly in relation to the production of paper products. A related distinction is PEFC certification, which rewards solutions that favour sustainable forestry.


We can also pride ourselves on the German DIN 7P0709 certificate - a marking for products made of compostable materials, similar to BPI Compostable.


SILBO equals good management

We are proud not only of the products that leave our factory, but also of all the procedures that precede the release of packaging to the market.

Others recognise it too. TÜV NORD Austria has awarded the management system compliance with the ISO 9001 standard for the production, design and development of plastic packaging, as well as for flexographic printing. It was recognised that at SILBO we implement management at the highest level: efficient, controllable, with a tried and tested delivery system,  production, distribution and complaint handling system.


SILBO as an innovative business

The activity of SILBO is part of the broadly understood innovation in business. The packaging we produce is the answer to the changing consumer needs and market trends.

Therefore, we are all the more pleased to be appreciated by the industry community in the form of the prestigious Gazele Biznesu award of the "Puls Biznesu" magazine and the title of Innovator of Silesia.


Our approach was also noticed at the local level, which resulted in receiving the "PHOENIX SARIENSIS" award from the Mayor of Żory. It is awarded to companies and institutions that contribute to the comprehensive town development.


Always for customers and for the planet

We would like to thank all the institutions and certifying bodies that appreciate the quality offered at SILBO. However, we are aware that all the above awards are a natural consequence of the solutions that we consistently implement.

We have always operated in accordance with the highest standards and maintain the world-class level. For our customers, for the environment.