19 May 2022

Silbo has developed organic linen mesh in modern packaging.

Sometimes innovation means a turn to what nature gives us directly - without the use of advanced technologies and high processing. In this way, we have developed something that no one has done before in modern packaging: we replaced mesh made of artificial fibers with organic linen mesh.

The viscose nets used so far in packaging, although they are based on a natural raw material (mainly cellulose), are subjected to advanced chemical treatment, which releases into nature, among others, sulfur compounds that are hazardous to the environment and toxic to health.

The search for an ecological alternative induced us to develop a mesh made of 100% natural linen fibers. The linen used in our products comes from ecologically sustainable French cultivation and has many benefits that are significant for nature:

• processing is carried out in a natural way

• grows locally, the raw material does not need long transport,

• cultivation does not require artificial irrigation,

• it does not generate waste.

The listed properties of flax give a low carbon footprint. Additionally, the water-based glue used in fixing the mesh, which is the SILBO standard, makes our mesh an even more ecological solution. Linen nets, as natural fibers, are environmentally neutral and biodegradable.

Packaging with windows showing the product and with nets securing the content are popular and desired solutions on the market. Potato packaging with linen mesh has already been introduced by the European retail chain in stores in France. The implementation of linen nets by SILBO proves once again that functionality and ecology can go hand in hand.

Samples of SILBO packaging with linen mesh can be ordered here: