SILBO • SILBO has produced high-class films for vinyl records.


24 May 2022

SILBO has produced high-class films for vinyl records.

Can the foil envelopes for vinyl records be compostable? - They shouldn't, because the foil is supposed to protect an analog record as long as it is possible to play music.


The foils for vinyl records are rather viewed as a luxury product. Connoisseurs of gramophone music appreciate foil envelopes for their antistatic properties, perfectly smooth surface and durability. Transparency and size adjustment as well as strong welding at the closure point also count. All these features are present in the foil envelopes for analog records produced by SILBO. We've added something else to them: Eco-friendly, high-quality water-based printing. We probably did it as the only one in the world. Such a print can be made according to any design and in a full range of colors.

We are pleased to take the patronage of the latest edition of a vinyl record by our friend Carrantuohill band. We have been on the same side with the band's musicians for years: We at Silbo, creating packaging that is good for the planet; Artists playing music that is good for people.