22 June 2022

The SILBO revolution "Mr Paper" in topseal solutions.

SILBO has taken another step towards reducing the consumption of plastic in food packaging. In the popular topseal solution, i.e. closing the containers from the top with a foil with the use of an appropriate seal, plastics were replaced with paper.

SILBO company used its packaging material, Mr Paper, which provides fresh products with adequate hygiene and ventilation and has increased resistance to moisture. The company achieves a strong seal thanks to the lamination technology with the use of water-based adhesives. The material is 100% recyclable. Paper topseal covers from SILBO can be enriched with windows that allow an attractive presentation of the contents of the package and with an organic linen mesh to prevent the product from spilling out. Additionally, SILBO offers printing on ecological paper with water-based printing in a full range of colors.

This solution is ideal for packing all small vegetables and fruits, including those with a delicate structure, e.g. raspberries, blueberries, strawberries or cherry tomatoes.

Covering Mr Paper by SILBO in combination with a paper tray or container makes it possible to completely eliminate plastic in the packaging. It is also a more ecological alternative to flow-pack packaging, as it allows you to save on average about 70% of the raw material (in this case, paper). Mr Paper is a line of SILBO packaging products, which use only paper from responsible sources, which is guaranteed by PEFC and FSC certificates.

Mr Paper samples can be ordered by writing to or via the website