29 June 2022

Mr Paper's packaging line is supplemented with a white version of the paper

Our Mr Paper packaging line, excellently received on the European market, is constantly being improved and extended with new packaging versions at SILBO.

We have already created the following types of Mr Paper packaging:

• Bobasket® paper packs, pillow-bags and vento-bags for fresh vegetables and fruits (suitable for example for potatoes, onions, apples, citrus etc.);

• Mr Paper flow-fresh packaging, perfectly suitable for small vegetables and fruits with a soft structure, requiring packaging in trays or containers (eg raspberries, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, etc.), but also for sets of fresh vegetables or peppers;

• paper flow-packs used for packing, for example, bars, but also small industrial products, such as, for example, toothbrushes;

• packaging for impulse products, paper stand-up sachets (stand-up pouch and doypack matching sweets, snacks);

• paper topseal coverings - with or without a window - as an environmentally sustainable alternative to plastic films;

• quadro-seal-bag and block-bottom-bag packaging for loose products such as groats, grains, cereals, etc.

• Mr Paper wrappers and cones, used for example for packing herbs, asparagus or salads.

A characteristic feature of our Mr Paper packaging is its aesthetics: brown kraft paper with a slightly rough structure. This appearance of packaging is appreciated by customers who want to emphasize their focus on ecological packaging materials. Mr Paper is clearly associated with natural raw materials and low industrial processing.

However, in order to meet the expectations of all our customers, we also included white paper in the range of Mr Paper's products. It has all the characteristics of the Mr Paper line: it is 100% recyclable, strong and durable, flexible and light, and the raw material comes from responsible sources, which is guaranteed by FSC certification. In addition, the packages are printed with ecological water-based ink, and the selectively applied water-based glue guarantees strong seals at the closing points.

The white version of Mr Paper was called by us, somewhat with a grain of salt,… Miss Paper. These are packages with a delicately velvety, matte surface, which gives a slightly different final print effect, the quality of which we maintain at a consistently high, world-class level. Now, the ecological values ​​of Mr Paper packaging are available to an even larger group of customers, and the packaging design does not have to determine the choice of packaging material.