7 July 2022

The Hajduk company chose Mr Paper wrappers from SILBO

As consumers, we are used to buying vegetables, fruits and herbs packed in plastic - in foil bags, plastic nets, tied with plastic bands. This habit was changed by the company HAJDUK - a Polish producer of vegetables and mushrooms - which introduced white asparagus and pak choi cabbage wrapped with paper labels to the market.

Ecologically packed vegetables found their way to popular supermarket chains in Poland and other European countries. Mr Paper wraps are 100% recyclable, the raw material comes from responsible sources (FSC certified) and are printed with high-quality, water-based paints that are safe for humans. The water-based adhesive applied on the welding side provides a strong packaging system and enhances the value of the packaging in terms of its environmental sustainability.

We hope that asparagus and cabbage packed in paper wrappers will set a new trend, good for people and the planet, in the packaging of fresh vegetables and fruit. The elimination of plastic foils and rubber bands in this way is an important step in the pro-ecological change in packaging.

We are proud that HAJDUK chose labels from SILBO. It is an honor to have such a company in our client portfolio. Thank you!