01. What distinguishes SILBO packaging?

SILBO is a manufacturer of packaging, and not a manufacturer of components from which packaging is made. This means that our entire focus is on seeking out optimal solutions for each specific product, not the desire or need to sell as much as possible of, for example, film, as we do not produce it. Therefore, each SILBO packaging solution is different. We invest in cutting-edge technology in the fields of flexographic printing, lamination, cutting, welding, punching and folding of the various materials available on the market.

02. Why should I start using SILBO packaging?

For many years, SILBO has been a leader in innovative packaging for the fruit and vegetable industry. We are currently expanding our activity to provide packaging also to other industries. We have never attempted to copy the existing solutions, but have instead been looking for new, solutions tailored to specific applications. We listen to our customers and respond to their needs, which is why our solutions are always unique. Standard packaging, which is also available from other suppliers, makes up just 30% of our production.

03. What kind of packaging machine is required for SILBO packaging?

SILBO produces packaging to be used in vertical (VFFSM) and horizontal (Flowpack) packaging machines. SILBO’s aim is to create packaging that will successfully comply with the various machines available on the market, regardless of the manufacturer. Our company has nothing to do with packaging machines. We do not want or expect our customers to have to buy machines dedicated to our solutions. Therefore, we always provide professional advice and are ready to share our experience in the field of packaging machines, which we have gathered during almost 20 years of operating in the industry.

04. Is SILBO packaging environment-friendly?

We are committed to environmental protection every day. Production takes place in modern passive production halls using the most energy-efficient machines and devices available on the market. In addition, we recover electricity and generate electricity for our own needs. We do not emit any toxic or harmful substances, as we use only water-based printing and laminating technologies.We always use the highest quality materials with the lowest possible weight, while striving to guarantee the highest quality of the final product.As a result, goods packed in our packaging are a few dozen to several hundred kilograms lighter, the cars transporting them burn less fuel, less waste is produced and the product, thanks to the tailored packaging, stays fresh longer.However, even this is not enough to satisfy us.We also offer biodegradable and compostable packaging.

05. What is SILBO packaging made of?

The packaging is made of polyethylene, polypropylene, paper, cellulose, PLA and other materials, and uses various combinations of materials. We are still seeking out new materials and suppliers, and not imposing any limits. Our professionals have extensive experience and knowledge about materials, and the machinery and equipment we use in the production process offer a wide range of possibilities.

06. Where is SILBO packaging manufactured?

From the design stage to the final product, SILBO packaging is 100% manufactured in Poland, in Silesia, in a modern manufacturing plant that meets the most stringent standards required for the production of food packaging.

07. How are SILBO and AGROTEX International Sp. o.o. linked?

 SILBO has the same people, the same philosophy and the same capital as AGROTEX.